Re: Features !

On jue, 2011-10-06 at 10:31 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:
> - Integration with thunderbird in the calendar (there is a red hat bug 
> about this somewhere I saw recently)
> - Why show the "wacom graphics tablet" configuration page in the "System 
> Settings" if I don't have one? (perhaps Ubuntu specific)
not ubuntu specific, but yes, your are right, it shouldn't show up, or
even better, it should be something about tablets in general, not only

> - Why show the "Additional Drivers" configuration page in the "System 
> Settings" if there aren't any? (perhaps Ubuntu specific)
ubuntu specific yes, and just a temporary way of not having this
disappear. We are discussing what to do with this, since having separate
dialogs is very ugly

> - The "Language Support" configuration page is a dialog and not 
> integrated like the others.
again also ubuntu specific, and hopefully will go away if we get the
region panel in g-c-c to have the 2 missing features (installing langs
and input method config) for 3.4

> - I think the "default actions" is hidden in the "System Info" 
> configuration page and makes more sense to be put into a new place 
> *with* the actions for removable media. Both feel related to me. IT's 
> essentially what my computer does when I want to do particular work with 
> either media or applications.
we have removable media in the system info panel for 3.3, but yes, it
really needs a rename. Maybe 'System' is enough?


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