Features !


so according to the draft schedule that Andre posted a while ago, we
are in the middle of the 'feature proposal' period right now. I
haven't seen much feature discussion here at all yet, and so far, the
wiki only lists things that I have put there, which is a little scary
- I can't be the only one itching to get cool things into GNOME 3.4.

Where are your ideas ? It would be great to get them onto that wiki
page, in particular since next weekend a bunch of us will get together
in Montreal to, among other things, spend time to talk about 3.4

Anyway, to make a start, here are the things that have been proposed
as features so far:

    Boxes - a new application to access vms and remote systems

    Application menu / Actions / Jumplists - make the appmenu useful

    Lock Screen - unify the lock screen and the login screen, visually

    IBus/XKB support - make the region panel control input methods +
keyboard layouts together

    Network Zones
    Network Panel Improvements - make networking not suck

    GNOME Documents
    User Panel Improvements
    Wacom Panel Improvements
       - incremental improvements for various parts of the desktop

More details at http://live.gnome.org/ThreePointThree/Features


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