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2011/10/6 Alan Cox <alan lxorguk ukuu org uk>
> Someone said, "well, if it is my house, I should be able to chose", the
> reason that rationale doesn't work is because the GNOME Shell experience
> should be designed to be inclusive, so this is really closer to an office
> building or an apartment building instead of a private house.

The flaw in your logic starts beyond the front door. Clearly the login
process should be accessible, and the install and setup so that a user
can always get their system set up.

You're assuming the install and the setup is done by a) the same person that is going to use the computer, which is not the case most of the time and b) that the person that uses the computer is always the same one.

However at the point beyond login that ceases to be true. It's necessary
that the accessibility starts available somewhere (or can be enabled
accessibly in the login) but beyond that point the user should be able to
disable it for their account.

Sure, hence my suggestion to have a setting in GNOME Tweak Tool for those who are really annoyed by the icon.

If someone needs accessibility to use my account then probably I've been
hacked by someone disabled.

Not true, some seats have unique users (think of a university lab, or a multi seat setup in an office), some of these have a unique user for anybody that logins automatically (in the same way than a live CD works). So even the person that setups the machine doesn't know what sort of user ends up using that particular machine. I'm not speculating, I've actually deployed this kind of setup in high schools and universities.

Granted it could be I have become disabled
but that hopefully doesn't happen to people suddenely very often. Sure
it'll happen slowly by age to many of us. Also if you can force
accessibility on as a login choice that is still ok.

It seems to me you can meet both sets of requirements quite easily, and
that an always accessible login with the ability to force a session to be
accessible covers the corner cases too.

I'm fine with having a setting to switch it off (whether we expose the setting in the universal access pane or just in GNOME Tweak Tool is something I leave up to the designers), but I don't think it should easily switched off, and by no means automatically switched off. 


Alberto Ruiz

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