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On Thu, 2011-10-06 at 13:28 +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > You're assuming the install and the setup is done by a) the same person that
> > is going to use the computer, which is not the case most of the time and b)
> > that the person that uses the computer is always the same one.
> No.
> > Not true, some seats have unique users (think of a university lab, or a
> > multi seat setup in an office), some of these have a unique user for anybody
> > that logins automatically 
> And those environments already need to lock all the configuration down
> anyway or regenerate it each login otherwise someone will leave it in
> 320x200 pixel mode and in Korean because it's "funny".
> > setting in the universal access pane or just in GNOME Tweak Tool is
> > something I leave up to the designers), but I don't think it should easily
> > switched off, and by no means automatically switched off.
> It should be easy to do because the purpose of the desktop is to make
> things easy. I agree you don't want it off automatically because you need
> to be sure that a user can find the accessibility features if they do
> need them.

I completely agree with Alan.

Why not have a switch in the Universal Access settings that shows/hides
the icon/menu?

I agree that the icon should be there by default but I disagree that it
should not be easy to make it go away. After all, once you enter your
account, that's your account and it is unlikely you share it with
another user. Other cases like installations where users share one
account (kiosks) usually have ways of preventing them from playing with
the overall look of things (replacing the settings files on log-in,

Joaquim Rocha

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