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On 06/10/11 08:37, Martyn Russell wrote:
On 05/10/11 21:17, Matthias Clasen wrote:


so according to the draft schedule that Andre posted a while ago, we
are in the middle of the 'feature proposal' period right now. I
haven't seen much feature discussion here at all yet, and so far, the
wiki only lists things that I have put there, which is a little scary
- I can't be the only one itching to get cool things into GNOME 3.4.

Where are your ideas ? It would be great to get them onto that wiki
page, in particular since next weekend a bunch of us will get together
in Montreal to, among other things, spend time to talk about 3.4

I certainly have some ideas to improve things for my user experience.
Most of them are general so perhaps we should have a general page from
the link you gave previously.

In any case, here are my thoughts:

I forgot a few :)

- Integration with thunderbird in the calendar (there is a red hat bug about this somewhere I saw recently)

- Why show the "wacom graphics tablet" configuration page in the "System Settings" if I don't have one? (perhaps Ubuntu specific)

- Why show the "Additional Drivers" configuration page in the "System Settings" if there aren't any? (perhaps Ubuntu specific)

- The "Language Support" configuration page is a dialog and not integrated like the others.

- The "Network" configuration page doesn't allow me to forget networks that are automatically chosen when in a particular wifi area so I have to keep changing the connection each time. This used to be in the configuration editor somewhere, but now seems missing.

- I would love a quick way to switch between capture and speaker devices because quite often I make phone calls and want to use my head set with built in mic and then want to switch back to my main speakers for listening to music. Opening the dialog each time get monotonous. Using the applet would be a great way to do this.

- Is the "universal access" configuration page meant to be in a larger font and look completely different to the other page fonts?

- I think the "default actions" is hidden in the "System Info" configuration page and makes more sense to be put into a new place *with* the actions for removable media. Both feel related to me. IT's essentially what my computer does when I want to do particular work with either media or applications.


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