Re: Features !

On Thu, Oct 06, 2011 at 10:27:51AM +0100, Nick Glynn wrote:
> Maybe something like the Ubuntu/Dell brain/ideastorm would be a nice
> addition to the Gnome website for these sorts of proposals?

The idea behind feature proposal time is that each proposal has a clear
owner. It is *not* request what you want, hope someone might implement
it (which is what this thread seems to be heading towards).

> It may help prioritise those must have features/requests and then
> developers/UX guys could assign, develop or shootdown the ideas as
> appropriate?

That has been discussed before. In short: the ideas are pretty much
known, there are *way* more ideas than what people can look at, and
rather get input from developers+designers on their plans than spending
effort triaging loads of random ideas.

e.g. the "not interested in what you say you want, but interested in
what you actually need"

PS: Please don't quote the entire messages.

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