Re: systemd as external dependency

> Hey,
> Could you give some details on what is the issue with running Ubuntu and
> contributing to GNOME? Several active GNOME contributors are running
> Ubuntu, do you means they are not welcome to contribute to GNOME because
> of the distribution they decided to use?

I'm not wading into this fight too deeply, nor am trying to take this
thread OT.

I am currently running the GNOME3 PPA on Ubuntu 10.04 and contributing
to GNOME [1]. It seems to work OK [2] now (but I am still wary of
upgrades). The main differences (excluding bugs) from upstream seem to
    * No gnome-panel 3.0 (blocking on new e-d-s AIUI)
    * Old Rhythmbox version that misses plugins
    * Old evolution (as per e-d-s)


[1] Porting gnome-games/soduku + goocanvas to pygobject, maintaining
[2] There was a few incidents where crashy g-s-d got through and would
only show me the fail whale and prevent login. There is also a g-s-d
race condition (that bites occasionally) in g-d-m where several g-s-d
instances are started and eat 100% of my CPU. I have lost the bug # for

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