Re: GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup

Hi Micheal!

Am Freitag, den 13.05.2011, 17:37 +0200 schrieb Michael Terry:
> (Note that I write here with love and without heat.  I'm a GNOME
> developer and user and I want the world to be a better place.)
> I guess I was hoping more for collaboration than assimilation.  :)

Actually I am pretty disappointed how the discussion here went so far.
Fact is, that we want to have a sane backup story in GNOME and we want
backup to be a first-class citizen. And in addition, with deja-dup there
exists a tool which fits probably 80-90% of these needs.

>  * DD gets the slightly increased integration of being in the panel vs
> a window (really, not a large distinction in the grand scheme).

I wouldn't feel that this is "slightly increased integration". Backup
seems something system-wide for me where I don't want to pay too much
attention. I want to configure it once and for all and it should just
work afterwards. All I probably want is a notification asking me to do a
backup when I plugin my external USB-Drive. So a control-center panel
looks very reasonable to me.

But it seems the people here drifted off into technical details on how
to create a control-center panel, where to host the code and what "camp"
to be in to use your words. I think that is the wrong approach!

Could we agree that we want backup to be a key feature of GNOME 3.2 and
that we want to use Deja Dup because it is there and it is working here
on desktop-devel-list and let designers, developers and maintainers work
out how to make that happen?

There are lots of possible ways, involving having a panel that is only
shown when deja-dup is installed or that prompts for installation of
deja-dup if it's no installed and extending deja-dup to make extensive
use of the notification-spec so no real "main window" is needed.

If GNOME is able to motivated anybody from contributing and integrating
and instead is just absorbing any motivation I really feel we make a bad

So, Michael, I really hope you can move this forward with the right
people without having to fight infrastructure flamewars. In the end,
duplicity is neither hosted/controlled by GNOME...


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