Re: Formal complaint concerning the use of the name "System Settings" by GNOME


2011/7/24 Aurélien Gâteau <agateau kde org>:
> Most distributions split KDE packages so if you get a pre-installed
> computer with Gnome and a few KDE applications installed, KDE System
> Settings would not be installed.
> You are only likely to get both System Settings pre-installed if your
> computer was shipped with both KDE and Gnome desktops. In this
> situation, I assume you would be provided with some explanation as to
> what KDE and Gnome are.

installing both Gnome and KDE is not equivalent to running both at the
same time.

if you managed to get yourself into the scenario where KDE and Gnome
have been installed at the same time then the KDE system settings
shell should be marked as NotShowIn=Gnome, and the Gnome one should be
NotShowIn=KDE. currently, gnome-control-center uses:


so a menu rendered under KDE won't show it. now, googling a bit I found this:

which is, I guess, what really prompted this thread. so, if the KDE
system settings shell appears alongside any other system settings
shell it means that the users are not running KDE, but are running any
other XDG-recognised desktop.

>> there is no "here and now" — that would be a hack. I hardly think we
>> have to solve this *quickly*, so we should solve it correctly.
> Releases are conflicting right *now*, so yes, I think there is a need to
> solve it quickly, even if the first fix is a short-term one.

the short-term fix is to make the KDE system settings OnlyShowIn=KDE,
so that users running KDE will not have any issue, and every other
desktop will correctly not show the KDE system settings shell.



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