Re: Formal complaint concerning the use of the name "System Settings" by GNOME

> Now lets go into something more productive and perhaps we can fix this
> before the sunny Desktop Summit.

Hi Olav,

In terms of being productive surrounding this, I have several questions:

Screenshots on your live wiki indicate that GNOME developers were
aware of the use of the "System Settings" name by KDE. Why did your
developers deliberately proceed with the use of this name, knowing it
would cause a conflict? (This was the primary reason why I was
particularly angry about the discovery of your use of this name)

Is there any reason why it cannot be renamed once more as soon as is
possible so that the next release your team makes fixes this issue?

I would prefer to resolve this issue as soon as possible, to minimise
the work packagers will inevitably do to block KDE System Settings
under GNOME, and the resulting KDE application user support issues
that will arise.

Ben Cooksley
KDE System Settings Maintainer

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