Formal complaint concerning the use of the name "System Settings" by GNOME

To all concerned developers,

As you may or may not be aware, the name "System Settings" for an
application is currently in use by KDE. A recent renaming by your
GNOME control center developers to this name creates a naming
conflict. This naming conflict will cause severe problems for users as
a result. It will also cause problems for those members of the KDE
Community supporting the usage of KDE applications on GNOME, as it
will not be possible to adjust the settings used by KDE applications.

 This will be because they will both appear, leading to GNOME
packagers stupidly patching the system to not show the KDE System
Settings under GNOME.

As KDE occupied this name first, it is ours as a result, and I will
NOT be relinquishing it to satisfy your personal (selfish) desires,
which will cause numerous problems for users on both sides.
System Settings cannot just be shown on KDE, as the application is
used to configure multiple settings shared between KDE applications
such as Localisation (language, region, currency, calendar), Style,
Colours, Fonts among others.

As KDE System Settings maintainer, I request that you immediately
rename it once again to another name which is not in conflict.

Ben Cooksley
KDE System Settings Maintainer

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