Re: Formal complaint concerning the use of the name "System Settings" by GNOME

Am 23.07.2011 12:33, schrieb Emmanuele Bassi:
On 2011-07-23 at 11:27, Dodji Seketeli wrote:
Matthias Clasen<matthias clasen gmail com>  a écrit:

I don't think Shauns proposal addresses the issue, really.

Why?  Do you have an example that would show where Shaun's proposal
falls short?

it falls short in showing:

   System Settings
   KDE System Settings

under Gnome, and:

   System Settings
   Gnome System Settings

under KDE.

now, if you got a computer without having it installed yourself, and you
read the applications list, do you know what "KDE" or "Gnome" are?

this is a non-solution, and an abdication of responsibility.

A slight variation that would make this "non-solution" a bit less confusing would be to use the name "KDE Settings" instead. People who don't know what this is will leave it alone then, using the obviously named "System Settings" instead.

Again, nobody is talking this being a long-term solution.


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