Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 13:58, Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de> wrote:
> I'm not personally attacking people with whom I disagree. I just
> described where the different perception of how many users want to
> replace their WM might come from. Which is quite a central point when
> discussing whether it's hugely important to be WM agnostic, or not.
Well, I already said, but still, I'm speaking what users think. I'm reading it
on Forums, OpenDesktop, ProLinux, ML & Co. All I wanted is that people at
least listen to it, but for some this seems impossible.
But as some have unvealed today, it's not the real reason, marketing is the
magic word and to provide a desktop "made from one", and some other less valid
reasons (eg.: even if you allow modularization you can provide great user-
experience as modifications made by the user bother him/her not you).

So today I finally got the real reasons told and I told you my opinion (with
wich, as you can see from the responses, I'm not alone).

Your tone and behavior is outside the bounds of what I care to continue to engage and so this will be my last response to you. I said that I was speaking as a member of the Marketing Team. The MT had *no* involvement whatsoever in guiding the design of GNOME Shell. Jon and Jakob's UI Shell designs stand on their own as good user interface design--that is their goal, nothing else. The MT's job is to take the finished product and narrate that to the outside world. You cannot take anything else from what I wrote.
Just one last thing for now: Most of those who disagreed with me are
developers, most of them who agreed with me are users. For me that means that
I'm right when I say I'm pointing out what I heard from users all around the

No one subscribed to d-d-l would be representative of our end users. I could not even consider the occasional unhappy enthusiast on a forum representative.
Also note the discussion about the applets, there where several people
complaining. Next take into account that you a) have to register for this ML
and b) be "brave" enough (lots of users simply don't ask/complain/comment
because they think "they don't are allowed/have the right").

Now if you take the complaining people from all places mentioned above and all
other places I never visited (regional forums, LUGs etc pp), you can be sure
that more than 1% is unhappy with your decision.

Of course it's yours, but it must be possible that critics aren't
automatically interpreted as rants or attacks. I got the feeling some around
here do that.

You are ranting and your tone is entirely accusatory.

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