Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

Hi Gendre,

On Di, 04.01.2011 18:47, Gendre Sebastien wrote:

>Le mardi 04 janvier 2011 à 16:27 +0100, Holger Berndt a écrit :
>> As it puts your posts into context, you could have mentioned that
>> you're actually the maintainer of Sawfish. In all of your posts in
>> this
>> thread, I don't hear a concerned user, but an annoyed WM developer,
>> angry that the GNOME Shell doesn't work with his "baby".
>> That also explains why your perception of the amount of users who want
>> to replace their WM differs from others. I'm absolutely sure that you,
>> as Sawfish maintainer, know a lot of users of Sawfish and other 3rd
>> party WMs. I doubt that you're representative for the general GNOME
>> user base, though.
>> Non-IT users don't know what a WM is. They don't want to know, and if
>> they need to know what it is and how to replace it, something is
>> broken in the first place, and work should be spent on fixing
>> the problems instead of abstracting them.
>Please, if you have no good arguments, don't try to marginalize and make
>personal atttak on people with whom you are desagree.

I'm not personally attacking people with whom I disagree. I just
described where the different perception of how many users want to
replace their WM might come from. Which is quite a central point when
discussing whether it's hugely important to be WM agnostic, or not.


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