Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

> What about to have a gnome-shell with a fallback
> mode which works (with function constraints) with the good old metacity
> or other window managers? 

*that* would be a kick-ass to step back from "We force you to use Mutter, when 
you're going to use GNOME-Shell" attitude. I've been following the discussions 
from users point of view and lots (and I mean it) have complained about having 
to use Mutter in favour of their current WM.

I know the Mutter/GNOME-Shell guys said they won't, in order to achieve a 
better architecture, but well... if you check Plasma, you'll see that you can 
*both* have a good architecture and happy users, which aren't forced to use 
KWin. I know a lot people who will leave GNOME because of that, or already 
left. But the decision is not mine, it's left to the Mutter/GNOME-Shell 
maintainers and/or the GNOME-Team.

Just my opinion,

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