Re: gudev from my grandpa

On 08/25/11 14:31, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hello Stefan,
> Stefan Kost [2011-08-25 14:22 +0200]:
>> I am currently jhbuilding under Ubuntu lucid and alredy there, lots of
>> modules get skipped. Mostly because of libusb>=1.0 requirement. Lucid
>> has 0.1.12 (without a pc file in the -dev package) :/
> Note that this is an ancient version. For GNOME you really want
> libusb-1.0-dev, which is 1.0.6 in lucid, and 1.0.8 in the current
> devel release. It also has a .pc file. Unfortunately there are still
> some ancient reverse dependencies of the old libusb, so that it can't
> be removed yet.
> Martin
Thanks that got me a lot further.


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