Re: 2.32.0 status (was Re: Additional 2.32.0 tarballs :-))

On Wed, 2010-09-29 at 01:53 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi,
> We're quite close to 2.32.0. Thanks to everyone who helped today!
> There are still a few issues:
>  + some modules need a new release to get a working introspection build:
>    - clutter-gtk, and it's already fixed in git:
>    - gupnp-av: I mailed Zeeshan
>    - libgdata: simple patch available at
>    - pango: patch avalable at

webkitgtk 1.2.4 also doesn't build with introspection. The unstable
1.3.x version builds fine with introspection. Which version should
distributors ship with GNOME 2.32? AFAIK there's no new Epiphany
version, so I guess the webkitgtk dependency hasn't been changed.
Do we gain anything with building webkitgtk with introspection enabled,
or can we simply ship a package with introspection disabled?

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