2.32.0 status (was Re: Additional 2.32.0 tarballs :-))


We're quite close to 2.32.0. Thanks to everyone who helped today!

There are still a few issues:

 + some modules need a new release to get a working introspection build:
   - clutter-gtk, and it's already fixed in git:
   - gupnp-av: I mailed Zeeshan
   - libgdata: simple patch available at
   - pango: patch avalable at

 + I'm still waiting for a new metacity tarball, that would revert the
   drawing to go back to gdk, to fix

I will still accept tarballs for a few modules, but I will not block the
releases for them. It's hard for me to know if the changes in git should
be released or not, so maintainers, please have a look:

   - gnome-icon-theme
   - gnome-icon-theme-symbolic
   - seahorse-plugins
   - maybe glade3: I guess it's up to Tristan to see if what's in
     gnome-2-28 can be released as glade 3.6.8
   - maybe gtk-engines: need information from maintainers

I've published jhbuild modulesets for people who want to give it a try:

It builds fine (except for the introspection issues in four modules,
highlighted above), and after playing briefly with it, I didn't see any
other blocker bug.



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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