Additional 2.32.0 tarballs :-)

Hey all,

The deadline for 2.32.0 tarballs has passed :-) I've taken a look at
modules that didn't get a tarball, and found that we could do with some
more tarballs. See the list below.

I'll likely go ahead and release tarballs tomorrow (at least for the
modules where there is no real code change since last release). Help is
of course welcome -- as long as it doesn't distract you too much from
the real work: GNOME 3.

Just two things if you're going to release something without being the
maintainer: make sure to release from the right branch, and do not bump
the version number uselessly (ie: instead of jumping to 2.32.0, it's
fine to release 2.28.5 if the previous release was 2.28.4, if the module
wasn't branched, and if there is no major change in git). If you have
any doubt, you can ping me on IRC.




Modules that need some work before a release:

  - gnome-python-desktop: doesn't build with evince, and 2.31.x version
  - metacity: theme issue (move to cairo should get reverted on branch)

Modules where it's unclear if we want a new release:

  - gobject-introspection: do we need a new release?
  - gtk-engines: some changes, but no 2.21 release so far
  - all the C# bindings: no idea what's going on there.

Modules with changes in git, that could do with a release:

  - accerciser: translations
  - evolution-webcal: translations, and 2.31.x version
  - gdl: some translations (gnome-2-30)
  - gedit: some translations in 2.30 branch
  - glade3: some fixes, translations (gnome-2-28)
  - gnome-bluetooth: translations, and 2.31.x version
  - gnome-devel-docs: translations
  - gnome-doc-utils: translations
  - gnome-icon-theme: some changes
  - gnome-icon-theme-symbolic: some changes
  - gnome-mag: a few fixes, translations
  - gnome-media: translations, build fixes, and 2.31.x version
  - gnome-netstatus: translations, build fix
  - gnome-nettool: translations, and 2.31.x version
  - gnome-screensaver: some fixes in gnome-2-30, we probably don't want
                       master since there was no release from there
  - gnome-system-monitor: build fixes, translations
  - gnome-themes: 2.31.x version, just need a version bump
  - gnome-user-docs: some changes, translations
  - gnome-vfs: mostly translations
  - gok: translations
  - gtksourceview: translations
  - libbonoboui: some translations
  - libgnomeprint: translations
  - libgnomeprintui: translations
  - libgtop: translations
  - libsoup: 2.31.x version, just need a version bump
  - nautilus-sendto: translations, 2.31.x version
  - ORBit2: one fix in master
  - sabayon: translations
  - seahorse-plugins: small fixes, translations
  - sound-juicer: translations, 2.31.x version
  - swfdec-gnome: translations, one fix
  - totem-pl-parser: translation, 2.31.x version
  - vinagre: translations
  - yelp: one fix, translations (gnome-2-30)
  - zenity: translations, 2.31.x version

Modules with changes, but where we'll keep the old version:

  - ekiga: many changes, but not release in a long time, so prefer to
           stay with 3.2.7.
  - pango: some fixes in master, but we didn't get any 1.29 release, so
           we stay with 1.28. Nothing interesting in 1.28 branch.

Modules with releases done according to git, but not on FTP yet:

  - gnome-user-share: 2.30.1 not uploaded yet?
  - seahorse: 2.32.0 not uploaded yet?

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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