Re: New external dependencies for Rygel: GUPnP & Libgee

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) wrote:

> > Did you read
>   I did but then again I've been reading a lot lately so things have
> been slipping of my mind.
> > Especially this part:
> >
> >  If you want to add a new dependency or want one of the minimum
> >  versions updated, make a good case for it on desktop-devel-list (this
> >  may only require a few sentences). In particular, provide reasons why
> >  it is important to bump the version number, explain any impact
> >  (compile and run time) on other modules, and list any additional
> >  external dependencies it would pull in as well as any requirements on
> >  newer versions of existing external dependencies. Be prepared for
> >  others to take a few days to test it (in particular, to ensure it
> >  builds) before giving a thumbs up or down.
> >
> > Are you ok with it?
>    If you mean this decision taking some time, sure but rygel depended
> on these libs when it was proposed for inclusion so I was hoping that
> people have already tested it along with its dependencies.

Nope, the important part is that *every time* you will want to bump
the version number you will have to ask and wait.

Honestly I have no hardware talking UPnP so I didn't get much of a
look, and discovering it comes with the addition of five new modules
to our stack was not the pleasant welcome I expected when I got home
yesterday :)

Anyway, could you file a patch against jhbuild to switch all those
modules to tarballs?


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