Re: GNOME 3.0 in March 2011

Le 29/07/10 13:50, Steve Frécinaux a écrit :
On 07/29/2010 01:06 PM, Xavier Claessens wrote:
Speaking about my modules, I will not accept any changes to make them
work with GTK+ 2.x again, nor would I want people to waste their times
doing that.

Why? As I understand, GTK3's only advantage is to have GtkApplication,
which is being backported to 2.22, right? So I don't see why you can't
make a --enable-gtk3 switch in your modules. Empathy is doing that from
the beginning, and it works fine.

This is not so easy for some modules. Especially, those who rely on
bindings and have been working toward gobject-introspection support (as
gedit, totem and vinagre did, by supporting libpeas) must deal with the
fact that those new bindings (or at least, pygobject's g-i support,
which was the concern in gedit's case) won't see a 2.32 release.

The 2.32 story is inexistent: "Hey, you have a couple of weeks to
release something that you didn't plan for, and that didn't exist".

If I understood, the story for 2.32 is the same than what we planned to
be 3.0 so far. Except:
1) modules should release with the version '2.32' instead of '3.0'.
2) gnome-shell won't be part of that release
3) modules must build with GTK 2.22, with extra bonus if they also build
with 3.0.
4) did I forgot something else?

- pygobject with g-i support won't be part of that release

Right, that's indeed a bigger issue I didn't though about.

- dconf won't be part of that release

Really? So what will happens for apps that are already ported to GSettings, like Empathy?

Xavier Claessens.

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