Re: On Ctrl+tab

On 1/18/10 7:22 AM, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
Let me make it clear that I'm not against mapping
Ctrl+Tab to tab cycling as long as the current shortcuts are still
available *and* under the condition that a proper substitute for moving
widget focus is found.


So it is the apps that create the inconsistent behaviour, not Gnome. I
still hold that point of view.

I guess the take-away point is...if third-party apps wanted to obey the GNOME convention, they would. Third-party app makers don't have "Be Inconsistent" as their #1 goal. They are disobeying this convention for a reason (either -inconsistent with all other OS platforms, -inconvenient for users, etc).

GNOME should aim to realize why they disobey this one -- and then take an action to help reduce the inconsistency [like the call for a patch earlier] or aid the app developers.

If the Gnome project would have the means
(and the desire) to enforce its guidelines as much as Apple does,
Firefox wouldn't have made it as the primary browser in many

True about GNOME, but...if per your point Apple-Has-The-Power, then they would have made Firefox change to not conflict with their UI. But that did not happen, so either A) there was no conflict or B) Apple-Hasn't-The-Power. Either way, the point just isn't very relevant.

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