Re: On Ctrl+tab

On 1/15/10 10:51 AM, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> Most Mac and Win installations _don't_ include a copy of it and still it
> tries to fit into the environment it's running on.

Yes...and it uses Ctrl-Tab.  Remember this whole thread is about Ctrl-Tab.

>> If GNOME used Ctrl-Shift-X for Copy, we'd all blame GNOME for being
>> pointlessly arbitrary.
> It doesn't, so I don't get the point your making here.

It is an analogy to GNOME using Ctrl+Alt (or was it shift?) + PageUp/Down, where the other two platforms use Ctrl+Tab.

It wasn't that hard to grasp.

> With regard to keyboard navigation conventions, there is an endless list
> of conflicts between different platforms. There is no way to please
> everyone.

And yet how easy it is to give up and please only a few!

A platform with an HIG is supposed to give third-party application developers a consistent environment that makes it easier for them. GNOME's in particular also creates ignored bug reports and inconsistent application behavior.

All third-party (separate from GNOME project) GTK apps I can think of disboey this convention of Ctrl-Alt-PageUp/Down.

If GNOME's conventions aren't meeting their need, don't blame the apps.

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