Re: On Ctrl+tab

I hate to force open an old topic, but this recently came up as an Ubuntu launchpad bug for their Paper Cuts project. [1]

The essence of the problem is that while Ctrl-Tab is reserved by GTK for keyboard navigation, it has also been claimed by many popular applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux for tabbed-document navigation.

Due to its ubiquity, the conflict is very evident in GNOME programs, where the behavior is completely different, even on the same Linux operating system - between Epiphany and Firefox, Empathy and Pidgin, Anjuta and MonoDevelop as examples.

And arguably, Firefox and Pidgin are more popular than GTK and even other GTK applications (note that Pidgin itself is one).

Behdad Esfahbod brought this up on desktop-devel-list, but the thread previously lost momentum. However, aside from "continue as is", nothing was ever resolved.


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