Module Proposal: PDF Mod

I'm not exactly excited to enter a possible flame fest when I'm happy
doing my hacking and having users find me and tell me they like the
results.  But, in case others agree GNOME could benefit from this, I'm
proposing PDF Mod for inclusion in GNOME 2.30.

Purpose: a simple tool for doing basic manipulations of PDF documents.
 It can rotate, move, remove, and extract pages, merge documents, edit
their basic metadata (title, author, etc), and extract images.  Future
feature scope includes being able to change page sizes, and possibly
do imposition (prep for printing).

Target: desktop

Dependencies:  libpoppler-glib, gtk-sharp, glib-sharp, gconf-sharp,
Mono.Cairo, hyena (build-time dep only; hosted on GNOME
infrastructure, of Banshee origins, is MIT/X11)

Deps currently included in pdfmod's repo, maintained as part of the
project, but that may be split out and required as external deps at
some point:
  poppler-sharp (requires Mono, glib, and poppler), PdfSharp (only
requires Mono)

Resource usage: all GNOME:
  and #pdfmod on gimpnet

Adoption: PDF Mod will be installed by default on SLED 11 SP1.  I
think it's being considered for openSUSE 11.3.  I maintain a list of
interesting media mentions here:

GNOME-ness, community: We use all GNOME infrastructure, we are
translated into over 17 languages, we have full F1 user documentation.
 I've blogged about the app on PGO and gotten a lot of positive
feedback.  I started the project during a Novell hackweek last summer.
 Since then, 11 other developers have contributed code (including 2
other Novell employees, but on their own time I believe).

3.0 readiness: I believe we are 3.0 ready

License: GPL v2

Miscellaneous: People have raised the idea of adding PDF Mod's
functionality to Evince.  Some good reasons why having them separate
is best:
1) Each app is simpler this way; users can't get into edit mode
accidentally and be confused
2) Quoting Evince maintainers: "Editing capabilities are actually out
of scope in evince, see bug #314683."
3) In that bug they encourage the creation of a tool like PDF Mod



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