Re: Module Proposal: PDF Mod

On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 19:39 -0800, Gabriel Burt wrote:
> I'm not exactly excited to enter a possible flame fest when I'm happy
> doing my hacking and having users find me and tell me they like the
> results.  But, in case others agree GNOME could benefit from this, I'm
> proposing PDF Mod for inclusion in GNOME 2.30.

Too late for GNOME 2.30, the proposal ended on October 26 last year,

> Purpose: a simple tool for doing basic manipulations of PDF documents.
>  It can rotate, move, remove, and extract pages, merge documents, edit
> their basic metadata (title, author, etc), and extract images.  Future
> feature scope includes being able to change page sizes, and possibly
> do imposition (prep for printing).

I'd say that although useful[1], it doesn't really fit with what people
expect from the default applications on a Desktop.

I will not be commenting on what you thought might bring a flame fest :)


[1]: I'm waiting for the Fedora package[2], which seems to have some
problems with your copy/pasting of some external libraries

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