External Dependency Proposal: libappindicator

Let's start over.

I would like to propose libappindicator as an external dependency.
libappindicator is a simple library that provides a way for an
application to put a menu inside an application specific area, most
typically on a panel.  It also provides a fallback to generic KDE Status
Notifier Item and Notification Area protocols.

Webpage:  http://launchpad.net/indicator-application
Tarballs: https://launchpad.net/indicator-application/+download
License:  LGPL v2/3
Bindings: Python and Mono

*Please* let's keep the discussion about this as a possible external
dependency only.

Q: Does this fit the the design goals for GNOME Shell?
A: I can't speak for the designers of GNOME Shell but they've talked
   about how the top panel should behave like a menu bar in many ways.
   This would definitely support that.  If they have other design goals
   in mind, let's talk :)

Q: Shouldn't this be in GTK+?
A: Apparently not.

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