Re: application indicators

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 1:46 PM, Ted Gould <ted gould cx> wrote:
> I'll ping usability and see if we can get this on the agenda for the
> usability hackfest next week.


> Yes, I think GTK/glib is a good place.  One of the big blockers is the
> requirement for DBus,

Yes, clearly having glib-dbus in the stack today would help a lot;
however gvfs already has an internal (private) connection, we can
figure this out.  I think having an internal non-public API would not
be too hard.

If it'll help move things along here I think I can schedule some of my
time for this relatively soon, basically just move gvfs/gdbusutils.c
to glib/gio/gbus-private.c.

> I think that, as long as the APIs are really similar, porting from
> libappindicator to the GAppIndicator (or whatever) shouldn't be too
> difficult.  That being said, how can we make sure the APIs are really
> similar?

Assuming the design doesn't change, any API delta (as long as it's not
too egregious) is less interesting than the simple inertia effect of
having created a lot of patches for various projects, and patching
them again, even if it's almost a sed job.

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