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On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 13:32 -0500, Colin Walters wrote:
> >> * It'd be really nice to get some discussion of how this fits in with
> >> the design plans for GNOME Shell (note that in GNOME 2 if applications
> >> use this, you have potentially *3* representations of an application
> >> in the top panel, this is something we can obviously improve in GNOME
> >
> > Let's start this discussion now then!
> I'll defer to Jon or Jeremy on this, but it seems to me we could put
> this in the top application menu, assuming it's not used for
> notifications.

I would hope that all applications wouldn't feel the need to have an app
indicator.  So hopefully there wouldn't be three for all applications...
that being said, I think the application menu item would be an
interesting place to put menus for an application that was using an app

I'll ping usability and see if we can get this on the agenda for the
usability hackfest next week.

> >> 3).
> >> * On a technical level, this really makes more sense in GTK+.
> >
> > Ted talked about this here:
> >
> >
> > Now that module proposals are open we'll likely propose it as an
> > external dependency next week (we're in a feature freeze crunch this
> > week). Currently we're working on some patches for applications and
> > should have more of them in an upstreamable state after this week
> > after we get more testing and reviews on the work.
> But, do we agree that it makes sense for this to be in GTK+ (at least
> under #ifdef X11)?  Ted seemed to say "maybe".    If we agree roughly
> on that, then do we want a cycle where we port a bunch of apps and
> components to use libappindicator, only to change it again when it
> moves in GTK+?

Yes, I think GTK/glib is a good place.  One of the big blockers is the
requirement for DBus, which is going into those guys, but I'm not sure
of the schedule for when that'll happen.  I may be totally wrong here,
but I'm just not sure how the schedules align.

I think that, as long as the APIs are really similar, porting from
libappindicator to the GAppIndicator (or whatever) shouldn't be too
difficult.  That being said, how can we make sure the APIs are really


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