Re: application indicators

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 12:25 PM, Colin Walters <walters verbum org> wrote:
> Now, both of those said, I have two issues I'd like to bring up.

Hi Colin, thanks for bringing this up.

> * In the big picture, is this something we're recommending all
> applications to use?  Some?  Only ones which send notifications?

We have put together a design guide for application authors here:
Feedback on this would be appreciated.

> * It'd be really nice to get some discussion of how this fits in with
> the design plans for GNOME Shell (note that in GNOME 2 if applications
> use this, you have potentially *3* representations of an application
> in the top panel, this is something we can obviously improve in GNOME

Let's start this discussion now then!

> 3).
> * On a technical level, this really makes more sense in GTK+.

Ted talked about this here:

Now that module proposals are open we'll likely propose it as an
external dependency next week (we're in a feature freeze crunch this
week). Currently we're working on some patches for applications and
should have more of them in an upstreamable state after this week
after we get more testing and reviews on the work.

If anyone is interested in following along you can track the work
and for the major ones I've filed placeholder bugs in b.g.o so that
when they're ready and tested we can just post them there.

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