Update of libchamplain version in external dependencies

(Resending as I wasn't subscribed to the mailing list when this email
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I'm a maintainer of the libchamplain library and I would like to ask
if its version number in external dependencies could be incremented to
the latest release. The version found in
gnome-external-deps-2.32.modules of jhbuild is 0.4.5. I would like if
the version could be incremented to 0.7.0, which is the latest
development version and eventually to 0.8.0 when the stable release is
made (which will happen in sync with gnome release schedule).

Right now there are two modules inside gnome-2.32.modules using libchamplain:

* eog-plugins
* emerillon

I looked at the sources of eog-plugins and also compiled and tested it
with 0.7.0 and there is no problem so porting it to 0.7 will consist
of modifying the version in configure.ac only. Regarding Emerillon,
the latest development release already uses 0.6 (and there have not
been any changes in the higher-level API of libchamplain which
Emerillon uses since then) and Łukasz, the maintainer of Emerillon, is
familiar with libchamplain development and there is no problem to
update Emerilon from his side. (I'm Cc-ing both module maintainers.)

Also empathy uses libchamplain in one of its plugins but the situation
is very similar to eog-plugins - the conversion to the new release is

I would really like to get rid of the 0.4 release - it contains quite
a nasty not-easy-to-fix memory leak so basically every loaded tile is
leaked. To fix this quite a lot of code had to be changed and there is
no easy backport of this fix for 0.4. The higher-level API changes,
that most applications use, between 0.4 and 0.7 consist mainly of
changing some classes inheriting from GObject to inherit from
GInitiallyUnowned instead. The lower level API, which is however not
so widely used, has changed completely.



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