Re: 2.91 tarballs?

Le lundi 09 août 2010, à 13:54 +0100, Richard Hughes a écrit :
> For GNOME 2.32 I'm branching my modules from 2.30 and backporting easy
> stuff from git master. 90% of my development effort is going towards
> GNOME 3, which is happening on git master. Git master in most of my
> modules depends on stuff like gtkapplication, gsettings, gdbus and the
> new control center.
> Should I release a 2.91.1 tarball soon which contains all the juicy
> stuff as well as a 2.31.7 tarball which is ready for the release?

You can release 2.90.x (not sure why you'd want 2.91 before 2.90 ;-)).
Some modules already have such versions.

> 2.91.1 seems obvious from a "this is GNOME 3 beta" perspective, but I
> would rather have some release team approval before I bump up the
> minor version like that in git master.
> If the answer is yes, then some other common GNOME modules that
> provide libraries people need to use might also want to follow suit,
> for instance gnome-desktop and gnome-control-center. At the moment,
> it's a bit of mish-mash of versioning for post 2.32 versions.

gnome-desktop already have 2.90.x tarballs. g-c-c might need one,
indeed. If the g-c-c maintainers can't do it, I can release a tarball
for them.



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