Re: Update of libchamplain version in external dependencies

Le lundi 09 août 2010, à 15:25 +0200, Jiří Techet a écrit :
> I'm a maintainer of the libchamplain library and I would like to ask
> if its version number in external dependencies could be incremented to
> the latest release. The version found in
> gnome-external-deps-2.32.modules of jhbuild is 0.4.5. I would like if
> the version could be incremented to 0.7.0, which is the latest
> development version and eventually to 0.8.0 when the stable release is
> made (which will happen in sync with gnome release schedule).

Is there any big change in the dependencies of libchamplain? I've seen
that it now depends on memphis -- is this required or optional? Has
memphis been packaged by some distro? (this generally helps discover a
few issues)



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