2.91 tarballs?

For GNOME 2.32 I'm branching my modules from 2.30 and backporting easy
stuff from git master. 90% of my development effort is going towards
GNOME 3, which is happening on git master. Git master in most of my
modules depends on stuff like gtkapplication, gsettings, gdbus and the
new control center.

Should I release a 2.91.1 tarball soon which contains all the juicy
stuff as well as a 2.31.7 tarball which is ready for the release?
2.91.1 seems obvious from a "this is GNOME 3 beta" perspective, but I
would rather have some release team approval before I bump up the
minor version like that in git master.

If the answer is yes, then some other common GNOME modules that
provide libraries people need to use might also want to follow suit,
for instance gnome-desktop and gnome-control-center. At the moment,
it's a bit of mish-mash of versioning for post 2.32 versions.



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