Re: Visible control to toggle icons in buttons

On 07/24/2009 05:29 PM, Stefan Kost wrote:
Calum Benson schrieb:
On 22 Jul 2009, at 11:23, Luca Ferretti wrote:

As all you may know, we recently switched to a "no icons" approach in
both menus[1] and buttons[2].
Since the decision has been made to go down this route, I'd be more
inclined to ask if we wanted to remove the checkbox to toggle icons in
menus... but either way, I guess it would make sense to be consistent.
While I personally won't miss the icons in button too much, I like to
keep them in my menus. So please don't remove that. I seems to also have
totally missed the *discussion* that lead to the *decission* that *we*
want to remove the icons. With all due respect, I still feel like the
major advantage is that the art team has to draw less icons (I am not
saying that you are lazy, you do a great job).
Hi Stefan!
It sounds like you never met a artist in person. They are a terrible lazy bunch, trust me on this. ;)

No, there was no discussion on desktop-devel-list about this. Watching previous UI discussions on ddl kind of scared me off from bringing up tiny details like this, it's a bit too easy to have a opinion pro or against. There was lots of discussion between the artists though, and we asked UI people for advice as well. Our main motivation was not to draw less icons (although we really don't mind putting more energy on great app icons instead of populating every menu entry possible, but that's just a side effect), but to get a cleaner and less cluttered interface as part of our 3.0 vision This was also mentioned in the 3.0 talk at GUADEC.
- Andreas

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