Re: GNOME Menus restructuring


Le mercredi 29 juillet 2009 à 12:35 +0200, Rodrigo Moya a écrit :
> If the control center capplets provide a list of keywords in
> their .desktop file, searching for 'mouse cursor' on the control center
> shell search would show the correct tool that the user needs to start.

But gnome-control-center shell is not there yet, and that's probably why
some users don't like it: the current search keyword list is too poor to
be useful. Say I want to set the double click delay for the mouse, the
search feature doesn't give you a single answer, for either 'click'
'delay' or 'double', or even 'delay mouse', while it shows the correct
applet for 'mouse'.

And even if the keyword dictionary was big enough, an additional issue
is the user needs to know how to name what he is looking for, which is
not always that evident.

Also, after a while, when you know where to find things, the one depth
level menu layout is easier to memorize, at least for me, than the 2D
layout of the gnome-control-center shell (which for making things worst,
change when you resize the window). And as Alexey said,
gnome-control-center shell is an additional window to close when you're
done with your task.

IMHO, a good compromise for the current gnome desktop would be to keep
the system menu with the new layout proposal, and provide an access to
the gnome-control-center applet using the search tool
(tracker-search-tool or deskbar). We need a unique search tool, always
at hand, and not several ones. We should not have to search for the
correct search tool.


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