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В Срд, 15/07/2009 в 11:35 +0000, Richard Henwood пишет: 
> Hi Folks,
> I'm writing an application which audits window, window name, workspace and screensaver usage. I use dbus for the screensaver and libwnck for the rest. This all works very well for me.
> According to: 
> libwnck is not a dependable Gnome dependency.
> I appreciate that adding dependencies into Gnome is not taken lightly.
>  From my perspective I should first look for an alternative which is
>  already included:
> So, can anyone suggest an alternative to libwnck for my needs?
libwnck is a part of GNOME Desktop, it's not an external dependency :)

  Alexey "Ktirf" Rusakov
  GNOME Project
  ALT Linux Team

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