PyGTK global keybinding module


I'm developing a gnome application in python, called kupfer[1]. To use global
keybindings, I've taken deskbar-applet's internal wrapped version of
libtomboy (parts of it). I didn't want to put all that build system in
my project, and others might also benefit, so I've broken out a
standalone version of the keybinder module here:

With its homepage here:

"keybinder is a python module for gtk-based applications registering
global key bindings."

I could have done what all others have done before me -- simply ship
this library internal to the application. Counting more than just
Python users, I think this is used by Tomboy, deskbar-applet, glipper
and some more. Now my (so far not so big) application kupfer.

Now which way the gnome desktop takes I don't know. Global keybindings
are certainly coming, everyone is including tomboy's code. I know the
most sensible way for gnome would be to have a C library + A python
binding, I've put this together as a pure python module for my

I want to host this at; I don't know if general lack of
consensus on the global keybinding situation is an obstruction for



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