Re: libwnck: Offering help


Le mardi 14 juillet 2009, à 20:34 +0200, Marcus Carlson a écrit :
> Hi maintainers of libwnck (and gnome-panel)!
> I've been browsing around the bugs of libwnck, also submitted a few  
> patches [1], and what I can see it don't get a lot of attention. So I  
> would like to help out (but with mentoring).
> A few questions; what are the future plans for libwnck except for [2]  
> (that don't seem to be updated in a while)? Could someone help with  
> mentoring (suggestion what bugs to fix, review patches etc)?

Thanks for the patch -- didn't have time to look at them since I was at
GUADEC and I just came back.

Help is certainly welcome, so feel free to just ping me if you need
mentoring. All in all, though, libwnck is in a relatively good state.
There are sure things that needs fixing or changes I'd like to see, but
it's working quite well.

FWIW, long-term plans are:

 + reworking the workspace-related API so that it transparently works
   with viewport and not just virtual desktops. (this will break the
 + hopefully add a good-enough vertical mode for the window list
 + review the API/ABI to make sure we're happy with it

There are also various tiny features tracked in bugzilla that can be of


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