Re: libwnck: Offering helpG

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 08:34:27PM +0200, Marcus Carlson wrote:
> I've been browsing around the bugs of libwnck, also submitted a few  
> patches [1], and what I can see it don't get a lot of attention. So I  
> would like to help out (but with mentoring).

Vincent Untz (vuntz gnome org) is supposed to look after libwnck. I'm
sure he'll appreciate someone looking after this (as in: reviewing all
bugs + committing).

> A few questions; what are the future plans for libwnck except for [2]  
> (that don't seem to be updated in a while)? Could someone help with  
> mentoring (suggestion what bugs to fix, review patches etc)?


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