Re: Planning for GNOME 3.0

> Just to give some ideas
> * do applets need to be in the panel

No, and that's why Superkaramba - KDE, Google and Microsoft have come up
with on-screen widgets, which may be the solution ebassi is searching

> * do applets have to be constantly visible

Yes, that's the whole point of it, really: easily accessible shortcuts
to more advanced functionality.

I added the network, disk load and CPU load of gnome-system-monitor to
my panel exactly because I want them *always* visible (especially if
some app is hogging the CPU, so that I can know instantly). At the same
time, the Tomboy and Hamster applets are much better shortcuts than a
tray icon, also because I can move them wherever I want on my panel (not
limited to the tray icon area).

> * how can we make user aware the applets exist and make it convinient to manage/raise them?

If we're going towards an on-screen widgets approach, it may be sensible
to have a "start here" simple widget that users see on first login. They
can remove it, or replace it much like Tomboy has a "Start here" note.

> These are just a few. I have no answers for them. Maybe somebody has.

There could be no answers without someone asking ;-).

Just my 2c,

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