Re: Planning for GNOME 3.0


> The reason applets are still alive is that people find
> them useful.  Could applets be replaced by something
> much more sane?  I'm sure.  But throwing away applets
> without offering an appealing alternative is not a
> solution.  It's curing a hangnail with amputation.

OK, but that means to me that we should think of a cool alternative
solution now. There seems to be a bunch of really cool designers on the
list and I am sure they will be able to design some mockups we can
discuss. But just saying that we need applets because we have no
alternative for them at the moment is not very constructive. I think the
game for the moment is "Question everything"!

Just to give some ideas
* do applets need to be in the panel
* do applets have to be constantly visible
* how can we make user aware the applets exist and make it convinient to manage/raise them?

These are just a few. I have no answers for them. Maybe somebody has.


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