Re: GDM version used for GNOME 2.24?

So...I think it boils down to whether people with disabilities can log into the desktop or not. I'm not sure I've really seen a good answer on this.


On Sep 19, 2008, at 3:21 AM, Kjartan Maraas wrote:

fr., 19.09.2008 kl. 00.34 +0200, skrev Vincent Untz:
Le mercredi 17 septembre 2008, à 17:23 -0400, Willie Walker a écrit :
Well...hmm...if I read the answers correctly, I think what I'm hearing
is that there are a lot of great ideas, but they aren't done yet.  If
this is the case, then I think this sounds like a regression.

I see nobody jumping in to say it's not a regression. So, we're going
with GDM 2.20, I guess... Is there any objection?

I see people saying it's a regression, but what does it mean in
practise? Is a11y busted? Is it a minor inconvenience affecting only
login? Can someone please post a list of pros and cons for this specific
issue wrt 2.22 vs 2.24?


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