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I asked this earlier, but I might have missed the response. Have the accessibility issues been resolved with the new GDM? In particular, does accessible login still work and do the keyboard/mouse/dwell gestures still work to launch assistive technologies? I know there was a great plan in place (thanks Jon McCann!), but if it hasn't been completed, I think this is a show stopper regression. :-(


On Sep 10, 2008, at 8:49 AM, Vincent Untz wrote:

Le mercredi 03 septembre 2008, à 22:27 +0200, Andre Klapper a écrit :
We'd like to have a decision made by this weekend so there's two weeks
left for translators. Comments highly welcome, so you can't blame
release-team only in the end. ;-)

Thanks everybody who jumped in the discussion. From what I see, there's
no consensus in this thread.

An important thing for GDM is that in most cases, really, it's the
distributors that decide what gets shipped and I don't know a lot of
people using GDM from jhbuild. So keep in mind that the message that we
want to send is mainly to distributors (FWIW, some already chose to stay
with the old GDM, and some chose to go with the new one).

I don't see us ignoring a good bunch of the comments (there are good
points on each side), so there are two ways to go forward:

 + use GDM 2.24, and mention that it is not ready for all uses (listing
   the use cases where it needs work would help), and that GDM 2.20 is
   still available and working.

 + stay with GDM 2.20, and mention that we have a new GDM coming soon.

We kind of did solution b for 2.22, but it turned out not a lot of
people stepped up to fix the remaining issues in the new GDM. It could
be because the community was not aware of all this, though.

Right now, I'm leaning towards solution a (assuming the new GDM works
fine and there's no major non-regression bugs). I'm not happy with
regressions (I'd say this is a good example to keep in mind when
reworking a module -- do not ignore the old feature set or clearly
explain why your remove some features), but I would think that without
sending a clear message, people will still stay with GDM 2.20 in 2.26,
and so on.

I'm also a bit lost when it comes to fast-user-switch-applet: it only
works with the old GDM, AFAIK. I think the new GDM provides such an
applet too. What's the plan?


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