GDM version used for GNOME 2.24?


the release-team normally asks on d-d-l for comments on new modules and
In this case I'd like to ask for valuable feedback on gdm trunk.

Among the release-team there are different opinions whether to use trunk
or 2.20.x for GNOME 2.24 and hence different opinions on regressions
(and the definition of that term) and missing or rewritten
As far as I know, Fedora and Foresight ship trunk, while Ubuntu and
Mandriva tend to ship 2.20.x. Opensuse releases in December so no real
use in asking them. No idea about Debian.

Don't know if providing links to former discussion threads might
influence opinions. Feel free to ignore these links and to share your
own non-influenced experience instead:

We'd like to have a decision made by this weekend so there's two weeks
left for translators. Comments highly welcome, so you can't blame
release-team only in the end. ;-)

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