Re: jhbuild status for 2.23.x

Claudio Saavedra wrote:

> El mié, 21-05-2008 a las 18:49 -0400, Claudio Saavedra escribió:
> > Yes, I was unable to build NetworkManager because of this. I worked
> > around the build for other modules with the same problem by simply
> > checking out a fresh copy out of SVN. Not the case of NM.
> Ok, after having worked around this, I found out that due to a bug in
> dbus-glib (fd.o #14429[0]), NetworkManager fails to build with
>         dbus-binding-tool Unable to load "%s": Attribute "xmlns:tp" is
>         invalid on <node> element in this context
> There's a patch to address this[1], that has been already pushed into
> dbus-glib master. Applying it to the 0.74 tarball that's been used right
> now for 2.24, fixes NetworkManager build.
> Ok to add this patch to jhbuild's patch set?

It is most probably okay, but could you post this to bugzilla, so I
do not forget to review it ?



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