Re: jhbuild status for 2.23.x

ma., 19.05.2008 kl. 18.22 -0400, skrev Claudio Saavedra:
> El mar, 20-05-2008 a las 00:15 +0200, Kjartan Maraas escribió:
> > 
> > I tried building everything with jhbuild today and noticed a few
> > things that need attention:
> Add to that gnome-python having problems to be detected by modules
> depending on it due to waf 1.3.2 being used. I already fixed that by
> upgrading waf to 1.4.2 in bootstrap.modules.
Also found out that intltool from trunk doesn't play well with older
intltool releases on the system at the same time. Build broke because
autoconf/automake created an aclocal.m4 file which had a line using awk
to check for but the latest intltool doesn't ship
the .in files any more.

This is probably because the generated aclocal.m4 file picks up some
stuff it shouldn't from the system prefix...


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