jhbuild status for 2.23.x


I tried building everything with jhbuild today and noticed a few things
that need attention:

- glib trunk has changed the _() macro to take a const char * now and
some modules break because of this. Most notably nautilus, ekiga, dasher
and probably a few more. Other modules will have a bunch of new warnings
that need fixing.

- gnome-session doesn't seem to work. When logging in it just hangs and
I see a zombie gnome-login-sound(?) process. Tried running gconf-editor
to turn off the sound server but that didn't help.

- epiphany and yelp don't build on fedora rawhide because of xulrunner
issues and haven't built for me for quite a while (2.22.x even). A
roadmap for html rendering engines and porting to them for various
modules in 2.23.x would be nice

- ekiga should be tracking trunk (3.0 to be) for 2.23.x according to

Granted, this is building from scratch with a very raw fedora hide so
some of my issues could stem from that.

I have patches for nautilus and dasher to make them build and will file
them in bugzilla


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