Re: Quotation marks: Using =?UTF-8?B?4oCc4oCd?= instead of ""

> Well, as I said, in this case:
> gtk_label_new(_(some_string));
> The output of gettext can (and often will) be UTF-8,
> so gtk_label_new is going to receive UTF-8 whether
> some_string is ASCII or not.  If it's not UTF-8-safe,
> we're pretty much screwed already.

No no no

The output of _("blah") is "blah" for C locale, and "blah" should be
ASCII. You should only receive UTF-8 as the return from _("foo") in a
UTF-8 locale.

It isn't about being "UTF-8 safe" it is about "expecting UTF-8 in this


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