Re: Quotation marks: Using =?UTF-8?B?4oCc4oCd?= instead of ""

> Sarcasm aside, if people are using Shift-JIS/KOI8R/RU in translations,
> those strings WILL get fed into UTF-8 string functions and stuff will
> break. We use UTF-8 here, in GNOME-land, right?

If the gnome libraries have built in UTF-8 assumptions yes. But the rest
of the system will work just fine. No idea what other desktops would do
but I guess they'd be fine too except XFce

> (i.e. the other way) is doable though. But I don't see the point other
> than to satisfy your obsession with obsolete character sets from the
> 60's.

I think mean "current standards from the 21st century". That being ANSI
C, Single Unix Specification, and the like. I see your point about the
need to have both kinds of quoting, so the translation work is indeed a
tiny bit harder

> If someone could actually speak out and say what it breaks, we could
> actually get somewhere with this debate. So far I hear no credible
> opposition.

Thats because you have your fingers in your ears and don't want to
listen. Consider a career in politics instead.


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